Hilal's solo-show (Dec 2019- Jan 2020) The warm pillow was my mother. The blanket my father. reflects, as the title surrenders, the inherent objectifying relationship between the artist and its origin of inspiration. Her works consequently attempt to document the fleeting vulnerable experience — endangered by the cultural hegemony and the progression of time. What has been lived becomes tangible because the artist creates and translates into objectivity (Gegenständlichkeit). Moshtari Hilal presents her drawings as objects, as sculptures that subjectively (unsachlich) objectify (versach-lichen) what is being denied its dignity by hegemonic ideas of epistemic objectivity (Neutralität). 

left: collage-drawing printed on velvet 

Nose Carpet, Drawing on Paper with Wool Fringe, 2018

The Epos of the Hardworking Mother, Print on Velvet 2018

Paper Carpet, Drawing on Paper with Wool Fringe, 2019

Dry fruits arranged on my personal Carpet