“To what extent is my visual imagination restricted by the beauty standards that flood all media every day?

How can I resist, or even reclaim, my sense of aesthetic?”

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26.02.2020 18:00 Vorgetragener Essay


Museum am Rothenbaum - Kulturen und Künste der Welt


„Hässlichkeit Verlernen – von künstlerischer Praxis und kolonialer Sehgewohnheit“. Moshtari Hilal beschäftigt sich mit dem Blick auf das Andere bis hin zum Blick in den Spiegel – Blickregime und Sehgewohnheiten betreffen Fremd- und Selbstbilder. Wie können wir mit stigmatisierenden und stereotypen Darstellungsformen brechen? Wie stehen erlernte Vorstellungen vom Schönen mit dem Kolonialismus zusammen? Moshtari Hilal hinterfragt die Unschuld der Schönheit und zeigt Gewalt auf im Sehen und Gesehenwerden. Welche Rolle spielt die visuelle Kunst im Verlernen von Hässlichkeit? Kann Kunst ein Medium sein, durch das Dekolonisierungsprozesse herbeigeführt werden? Oder müssen die Kunst und Ästhetik selbst dekolonisiert werden?


Moderation: Rena Onat,

Kunst- und Medienwissenschaftlerin


Eine Veranstaltung der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Hamburg in Kooperation mit dem Museum am Rothenbaum – Kulturen und Künste der Welt. Gefördert von der Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Hamburg.


Opening: 12.12.19 at 7 pm

Solo Exhibition at Âme Nue


Moshtari Hilal

The warm pillow was my mother. 

The blanket my father.


Artist Talk: 11.01.20 at 5 pm

Moshtari Hilal in Conversation

with Sinthujan Varatharajah


Moshtari Hilal works with the drawn line as a symbol and means of a new visual language that refers to the black-haired body. Her search for a visual expression narrates the sensual experiences of those who exist beyond our aesthetic concepts and their political conditions — they birth a semi-autobiographical, archival, research work, which Hilal describes as a practice of reconciliation with negated beauty.


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this website is under construction,

please follow my instagram profile in the meanwhile or email me to request a portfolio, price list, commission a work, pitch a collaboration or hire me for illustration jobs.


upcoming/current shows or talks 

12.12-17.01.2020 Hamburg - solo show at Âme Nue - "The Warm Pillow was My Mother, The Blanket My Father“

26.02.2020 Hamburg - talk at MARKK „Hässlichkeit Verlernen - von künstlerischer Praxis und kolonialer Sehgewohnheit“ Okt. 2020 Hamburg - group exhibition at Feinkunst Krüger with Barbara Lüdde




recently on display or talking

06. december 2019 Berlin - panel discussion "Buna Hour/Arts of the Everyday"/"Postcolonial Poly Perspectives" festival (Kathy-Ann Tan, Aicha Dallo, Magnus E. Rosengarten)

05. novmeber 2019 Hamburg - artist talk "Im Gespräch mit Moshtari Hilal: Zeichnen als semi-dokumentarische Skulptur" at HfBK (university of fine arts)

16. november 2019 Berlin - Panel Talk "(Neue) Formen der basispolitischen Arbeit"(Zuher Jazmati, Saboura Naqshband, Rena Onat, Iris Rajanayagam) at XartSplitta 

04. october 2019 Berlin - Guest Q&A on Beauty with Parallelgesellschaft (Spoken Word Collective) 

03-04.october 2019 Hamburg - Art Books, Zines and Editions market, curated by Liberty Adiren - on display at Ame Nue 

13-14.september 2019 Marseille - group exhibition with institut francais  and centre photographique Marseille 

08.september 2019 Hamburg - Pop Hayat Panel Talk commissioned by Formation Now Festival at Lukulule (Yesim Duman, Leyla Yenirce, Nuray Demir)

21-23.august 2019 Berlin - commissioned work for Pop-Kultur 2019 -  "The Black Haired Bomb" 

25. july 2019 Bamberg - artist talk "Creating Beyond the Collectibe Other" at the University of Bamberg, invited by Prof. Dr. Charlotte Bank

03-07.july 2019 Beirut - on display at Beirut Design Week 2019 (nostalgia) - "When My Mother Entered My Work"

18-19.mai 2019 Hamburg - group exhibition at institut francais during Lange Nacht der Museen - "la Nuit de l'Instant"

24-27.april 2019 London - art residency and performance at Albany - "Haramacy" (Zahed Sultan)

09. february 2019 Berlin - penal discussion during Berlinale 2019 at Arsenal - "What We Left Unfinished" (with Mariam Ghani, moderated by Sandra Schäfer)

27.october -4.november 2018 London - solo show at Enclave Projects (Goldsmith University) - "BANAL - an exploration of everyday aesthetics"


"Thick brows accentuate the dark eyes of the women in her works and prominent noses rise between them. Black hair lines their upper lips and grows down their forearms below their sleeves. These black markings stand out in sharp relief against the white of the paper she draws on, as deliberate as her desire to create a space where people who look like her are visible and celebrated."  read my recent feature on wetransfer to learn more about my work


"Her drawings have the stamp of her self-taught process, evident in the images of tightly packed birthday celebrations, hairy bodies and prominent noses.>>Everything that is censored and smoothened out in mainstream media — the stuff that is flat and plain — is the opposite in my work,<< says Hilal. >>All the things that I initially considered flaws are what I used to create my signature style.<< For inspiration, she looks to American artist Kerry James Marshall for his >>everyday lives of black bodies, making them darker than in reality.<<" interviewed by Taran Khan for Gulf News