“To what extent is my visual imagination restricted by the beauty standards that flood all media every day?

How can I resist, or even reclaim, my sense of aesthetic?”

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upcoming shows

21-23.august 2019 Berlin - commissioned work for Pop-Kultur 2019 -  "The Black Haired Bomb" 

13-14.september 2019 Marseille - group exhibition with institut francais  and centre photographique Marseille - "la Nuit de l'Instant"

december 2019 Hamburg - solo show at Âme Nue - "The Warm Pillow is My Mother, The Blanket My Father“



recently on display

03-07.july 2019 Beirut - on display at Beirut Design Week 2019 (nostalgia) - "When My Mother Entered My Work"

18-19.mai 2019 Hamburg - group exhibition at institut francais during Lange Nacht der Museen - "la Nuit de l'Instant"

24-27.april 2019 London - art residency and performance at Albany - "Haramacy" (Zahed Sultan)

09. february 2019 Berlin - penal discussion during Berlinale 2019 at Arsenal - "What We Left Unfinished" (Mariam Ghani)

27.october -4.november 2018 London - solo show at Enclave Projects (Goldsmith University) - "BANAL - an exploration of everyday aesthetics"


"Thick brows accentuate the dark eyes of the women in her works and prominent noses rise between them. Black hair lines their upper lips and grows down their forearms below their sleeves. These black markings stand out in sharp relief against the white of the paper she draws on, as deliberate as her desire to create a space where people who look like her are visible and celebrated."  read my recent feature on wetransfer to learn more about my work