Moshtari Hilal is a visual artist, researcher and curator 

working from Hamburg and Berlin.


She is the co-founder of the online collective AVAH (Afghan Visual Arts and History) and  Berlin-based research project CCC (Curating Through Conflict with Care)  (starting 2022).  


With a special focus on analogue drawing, Moshtari considers her overall practice to be interdisciplinary and process-oriented. While her work begins with the personal and subjective as a resource and starting point, the process involves academic research, collaborative and collective work, as well as engaging with the public in forms of lectures, essays and discussions. Moshtari describes her artistic practice as reconciliation with shame and negated beauty, seeking to understand and critically subvert power and colonial continuities in the visual arts.


Her current artistic practice is shaped by the (self)portrait and family archive, both approached in an eclectic manner in her search for a visual language. Consequently, the artist works with the drawn line as means and symbol of a figurative vocabulary that refers to the black-haired body. In addition, her portraits deal with recurring motifs, such as the distinctive nose, prominent hands, the figure of the mother, distorted floral ornaments and textile patterns. 


studied Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science

in Hamburg, Berlin and London,

focus on Gender-, Decolonial- and Cultural Studies. 











List of Selected Exhibitions and Artist Talks 




“The Warm Pillow was My Mother, The Blanket My Father”

12.12-17.01.2020 Hamburg, Germany 

Solo-Show at Âme Nue, Curated by Liberty Adrien 


“The Black Haired Bomb”

21.-23.08.2019 Berlin, Germany 

Solo-Show Commissioned by Pop-Kultur-Festival 


“BANAL – an exploration of everyday aesthetics”

27.10.-04.11.2018 London, UK

Solo-Show at Enclave Lab, Goldsmith University

Curated by Shirin Fathi and Kathy Cho


"The Angle of a Phallus is Equal to the Angle of a Nose" 

13.04- 14.04.2018 Hamburg, Germany 

Solo Show at Galerie 21, Vorwerk-Stift 



Artist Talks


"Unlearning Ugliness"

07.09.2021 Osnabrück, Germany

Reading at Osnabrücker - VIELEN, Museumsquartier Osnabrück


“Unlearning Ugliness – About Artistic Practice and Colonial Seeing Habits” 

26.02.2020 Hamburg, Germany

Artist Talk at MARKK – Museum for the Arts and Cultures of the World 


“Drawing as Semi-Documental Sculpture”

05.11.2019 Hamburg, Germany 

Artist Talk at HfBK, University of Fine Arts 


"Creating Beyond the Collective Other"

25.07.2019 Bamberg, Germany

Artist Talk at the University of Bamberg, invited by Prof. Charlotte Bank





"The Crack begins Within"

Oct-Nov 2020 Berlin

Curatorial Workshop at Berlin Biennale 11



24.-27.04.2019 London, UK

Art Residency at Albany, Curated by Zahed Sultan 


 “Artists in Residence at Konstepidemin”

31. 07 -30. 09.2017 Gothenburg, Sweden

One of Two Selected IASPIS Scholarship Holders 

(International Artists Studio Programme)



Group Shows/Festivals 



09.01 — 06.02.2021 Paris, France

Group Exhibition curated by Bettina Moriceau Maillard

with the collaboration of Marion Coindeau

at Marais Galerie Derouillon, Haut Marais


"S T R U K T U R"

04.10 - 24.10.2020 Hamburg, Germany

Group Exhibition with Barbara Lüdde 

at Feinkunst Krüger 


“The Flowers of Evil” 

29.09 – 13.01.2019 Sopot, Poland

Group Exhibition at Sopot National Gallery of Art


“La Nuit de l’Instant c’est l’imagination au pouvoir” 

13.-14.09.2019 Marseille, France 

Group Exhibition at Centre Photographique Marseille


“When My Mother Entered My Work”

03.-07.07.2019 Beirut, Lebanon

On Display at Beirut Design Week 


“Long Night of Museums - la Nuit de l'Instant"

18.-19.05.2019 Hamburg, Germany

Group Exhibition at Institut Francais



15.-18.03.2018 Hamburg, Germany 

Group Exhibition at Affenfaust Gallery 


"Nachbild Kollektiv" 

04.3-10.3.2018 Cologne, Germany 

Group Exhibition at qlit*clgn Festival



02.-04.03.2018 Berlin, Germany 

Group Exhibition at Cosmonauts' Studio 



10.11.2017 Barcelona, Spain

Pop-Up Exhibition at Museum del Disseny, Curated by Van Van


"Nimrouz - The First Global Visual Arts Exhibition of Afghanistan”

03.- 17.11.2017 Tehran, Iran  

Group Exhibition at Niavaran, curated by Maryam Kuhestani


“South Asian Evocations and Becomings" 

27.10.2017 New York City, USA

Group Exhibition at China Town Soup, curated by


"Atelier Identity" 

26.05- 14.06.2017 Berlin, Germany 

Group Exhibition at Heinrich Böll Foundation 



"Empathy Won’t Save Us" 

08.09.2016 Hannover, Germany 

On Display at CLINCH - Postcolonial Festival 


"The Girl with the Moustache" 

30.11.-30.01.2016 Berlin, Germany 

Solo-Show at Literary Colloquium


"Art Amongst War: Visual Culture in Afghanistan 1979- 2014" 

05.03 - 17.04.2014 New Jersey, USA

Group Exhibition at TCNJ-Art Gallery, The College of New Jersey



Panel Discussions 


“Buna Hour/Arts of the Everyday – Postcolonial Poly Perspectives” 

06.12.2019 Berlin, Germany 

Panel Discussion at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Theater 


“Role of the Arts in (New) Forms of Grassroot Politics? “ 

16.11.2019 Berlin, Germany 

Panel Talk at the XartSplitta


“What We Left Unfinished” (Film Premiere by Mariam Ghani)

09.02.2019 Berlin, Germany 

Panel Discussion at Berlinale (Arsenal Cinema)


"Wish you were Queer - on aesthetics and politics” 

30.03.2017 Hamburg, Germany 

Discussion Presented by Moshtari Hilal, 

At Golem (Böll-Stiftung), Organized by Yesim Duman


"Kosmos Laboratory: Illustration and Visual Arts" 

07.03.2017 Berlin, Germany 

Artist Talk at Maxim-Gorki-Theater, hosted by Grada Kilomba  


"Before the Increase of Signs" 

23.02.2017 Hamburg, Germany 

Reading with Senthuran Varatharajah at W3 

Presented by Moshtari Hilal