Moshtari Hilal (b. Kabul) is an artist and illustrator based in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany.  



Moshtari Hilal studied Middle-Eastern-Studies and politics in Hamburg and focused on postcolonial theory and feminist intellectual history. With her body of often semi-autobiographical work, she aims to generate an understanding for the complexity of marginalized identities and offer an alternative visual language. Her drawings exist in between complex documentary and surreal symbolism, as well as in between theory and therapeutic detailed pattern work, while embodying analogue handwork exposed on digital platforms. Her portraits explore the possibilities of beauty and storytelling within a political environment through faces. The work of Moshtari Hilal was on display in Germany, Afghanistan, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada and was also printed in local and transnational publications as The Carton, OOMK, Missy Magazine, das Kursbuch, Das Wetter. Photo: Elif Kücük // privat. 




2012 visited her birthplace Kabul to explore its art scene and to meet other artists. painted at Afghanistan’s first alternative festival and staged a live painting with local artist Qasem Foushanji. painted two murals at the courtyard of the artist restaurant Venue in Kabul.


2014 on display in New Jersey at the exhibition Art Amongst War: Visual Culture in Afghanistan 1979-2014. The TCNJ-Art Gallery showed four of her drawings representing the contemporary art from an Afghan-Exile-perspective. The New York Times described her work as “trauma-themed ink-on-paper of children of émigrés“.


2016 September in Hannover: opened the postcolonial and post-migration interdisciplinary festival CLINCH with her exhibition “Empathy wont save us” and discussed the possibilities of art and social change at the opening panel. // September in Hamburg: staged a political street art performance in collaboration with W3 - Hamburg #Refugeetoo // November in Berlin: invited by the award-winning author Senthuran Varatharajah to the LCB to present her exhibition "The Girl with the Moustache".


2017 February in Hamburg : Host of a book review with author Senthuran  Varatharajah about his debut novel "Vor der Zunahme der Zeichen" at the W3 -Hamburg. // March in Berlin: invited by writer, sociologist and performance artist Grada Kilomba to attend an artist talk with illustrator Tasnim Baghdadi at Studio R, Maxim-Gorki-Theater // April in Hamburg: Host of the first Bubble Talk "Wish you were Queer" with Turkish photographer Ceren Saner and Missy Magazine journalist and fashion blogger Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, organized by Yesim Duman in collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung at Golem. // April in Hamburg: Installation of a portrait series during a talk about identity with writer Senthuran Varatharajah and musician Derya Yildrim at Bunker Salon: Identität im resonanzraum. // May in Berlin: group exhibition "Atelier Identity" at the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin 26.5 -14.6.2017 with Tasnim Baghdadi, Zeinab Aghamehdi / opening with a discussion of art, aesthetics and politics with author Senthuran Varatharajah. // Online Launch of arts collective "Nachbild" with Tasnim Baghdadi and Elif Kücük - @nachbildkollektiv - // June in Vienna: comic presentation "Homestories" at Literaturhaus Wien [ written by Vina Yun, illustrated by Tine Fetz, Patu, Moshtari Hilal and Sunanda Mesquita.// 31.July until 30.September one of two selected IASPIS Grant holders (International Artists Studio Programm in Sweden: Artists in Residence at Konstepidemin, Göteborg. // 22.-30. September group exhibition at Ortens Konst Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden organized by activists from Akademin Goteborg, as well as a penal talk about aesthetic strategies against racism during the festival. // 27.10 on display in group exhibition "South Asian Evocations and Becomings" at China Town Soup in New York City, curated by South Asia. Art ( // 3.11 - 17.11 on display in group exhibition "Nimrouz" - The First Global Visual Arts Exhibition of Afghanistan in Niavaran Complex in Tehran, Iran, curated by Maryam Kuhestani. // 


 2018 March: HAARPR8 - group exhibition on hair in Atelier der Kosmonauten in Berlin // Nachbild - group exhibition with Nachbild Kollektiv in Ausstellungsraum für Brauchbarkeit in Cologne, during the first feminist/intersectional literature festival of Germany, qlit*clgn // Wundern über tanawo - group exhibition in Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg, during the Wundern über tanawo contemporary arts festival with a focus on Iranian artists. // April: the angle of a phallus is equal to the angle of a nose - first self curated solo show in Galerie 21, Vorwerk- Stift art residency in Hamburg. // Septembe-January: group exhibition 'Flowers of Evil' at Sopot National of Art in Sopot, Poland. // October: solo-exhibition B A N A L - an exploration of everyday aesthetic at Enclave Lab in London, UK. 


2019 February:  penal discussion during Berlinale 2019 at Arsenal - "What We Left Unfinished" (with Mariam Ghani, moderated by Sandra Schäfer) in Berlin //April: art residency and performance at Albany - "Haramacy" (Zahed Sultan) in London // September2018-April 2019 MA exchange programme at SOAS univeristy in London // May: group exhibition at institut francais during Lange Nacht der Museen - "la Nuit de l'Instant" in Hamburg // July : on display at Beirut Design Week 2019 (nostalgia) - "When My Mother Entered My Work" in Beirut, Lebanon // July: artist talk "Creating Beyond the Collectibe Other" at the University of Bamberg, invited by Prof. Dr. Charlotte Bank// August  commissioned work for Pop-Kultur 2019 -  "The Black Haired Bomb" in Berlin // September: Pop Hayat Panel Talk commissioned by Formation Now Festival at Lukulule (Yesim Duman, Leyla Yenirce, Nuray Demir) in Hamburg // September :  group exhibition with institut francais  and centre photographique Marseille - "la Nuit de l'Instant" in Marseille, France // October: Art Books, Zines and Editions market, curated by Liberty Adiren - on display at Ame Nue in Hamburg// October: Guest Q&A on Beauty with Parallelgesellschaft (Spoken Word Collective) in Berlin.